Sunday, June 11, 2017

Their First Grass Day

We let our Henny Pennies out to forage in the grass for the first time.

They are only out with supervision, we do worry about predators or escapees.

But thankfully it worked out good. And we've been doing this with them daily.

Pumpkin, our stray cat, is usually out in the yard with us. She and Sidekick are BFFs.

The ducks love the water. They are fun to watch when they get a fresh pool. They are also very noisy!

The ducks are also bullies to the chickens. :( So shortly after this photo we had to seperate them. The ducks went back into the run while the chickens continued to enjoy the grass.

Pretty Pumpkin in the wild. ;)


  1. I remember on gramma B's farm the ducks,geese and chickens each had their own coops and territory. They were free range, but always went inside at night. Your chickens have some nice markings and the ducks look really happy. Janice

    1. They definitely need their own territory! Why can't they all just get along? LOL. Pretty soon we'll be creating spaces just for the chickens and just for the ducks.

  2. Hello Jessica. Now following your new blog. The chickens look so happy. Hoping you get settled in your new home soon :)