Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Meet Ragna

Justin finally got a ferret last month. He loves it and so does his sister. ;)

His name is Ragna (Rog-na) and yes he smells. LOL. It's a fruity-musk smell, but the kids don't seem to mind it.

He met LadyMoon and she doesn't seem to mind him as long as he's not up in her face. (She's the one who hates *all* other cats and dogs.)

That's his cage on the left, it's big and has levels, but the poor critter can't climb up the ramps, he just slides! So we have to fix that somehow.

He met Zorg through the sliding door. Zorg doesn't mind much of anything, but he was a little curious.

This ferret is *very* spoiled. He's got all kinds of toys and beds. The kids handle him every day, he is so loved. And yes he gets baths as often as recommended, I insist! ;) His scent lingers on clothes pretty well if he's not had a bath in awhile.

Even though he has a strange odor, he's a pretty humorous critter! He's fun to watch, he is like the energizer bunny, but more active. Justin tells me stories and shows me pics almost daily of something funny the ferret did. The ferret is clumsy and goofy and the we all think he's a funny little creature. :)

Monday, June 18, 2018

Meet Cluck Norris


While cleaning out the other side of the the shed/coop, I caught this Henny Penny trying to lay her egg.
I don't think she was thrilled with the flash. lol.

We are expanding the coop now that we have 22 birds.
Our last batch of chicks integrated pretty easily into the flock. That was a surprise!
They are still small and not laying just yet.

It turns out that none of that batch of chicks were boys.
We had thought two could be, but hoped for one at least.
Well, they are all girls.

A farm we know put up a post about their Ayam Cemani roosters for sale, so we went out to visit and decided we wanted one!
We need a man around the coop to set these haughty ladies straight.

It took this guy a couple of days to not scream when he gets picked up. LOL
I really couldn't believe he was such a screamer! But Anabelle picks him up several times a day and now he's fine with it.

Cluck Norris (named after Chuck Norris) has already helped our flock by breaking up some fights.
Our girls have been a little too brutal to each other lately.

We hope someday one of our broody hens will hatch us some chicks now that we have this guy! Anabelle would love that experience!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Homestead Update 3

I'm not good at blog titles. lol.

With spring/summer here we've been very busy bees around here. We started tearing a wall out for our new living room and cleaning out the house.

Been throwing a lot of junk away from the last owners. Sadly they left us nothing worthwhile. Usable things get donated, but there isn't much of that.

We'll be bringing out our own things from out of state soon, hubby and son are flying out to take care of it all. It's been about 6 years since we've seen our belongings! This journey has been crazy.

Anyway, onto some photos I wanted to share...

Isn't this cute! A local woodworker made it and it's out for display near the road. Sure makes me nostalgic for The Flintstones! I used to love that show when I was a kid.

My sidekick found a morel mushroom! Our first and only morel so far since we moved here. Apparently they are a big deal here and in PA.
Hubby sauteed it in butter for dinner and it was delicious!

We don't have any prepared garden areas yet, so I'm growing in pots this summer. I got tomatoes, bell peppers, strawberries, and lots of herbs. I planted lettuce, chives, and other "small" plants in the pots for companion planting.

The rhododendrons are blooming again, sure do love the purple flowers!

Our baby hennies are doing great. One has feathered feet! Sidekick really wanted a feather foot chicken, this one is a Light Brahma I think. A couple of these were from straight runs, but Sidekick is starting to believe they are all pullets! We shall see. We do want a rooster, but if none are, there will be postings for roosters needing homes soon enough, so we'll just get someone else's unwanted Roo.

This henny is from our #2 batch of chickens. Every time Sidekick picks her up she poos. LOL. So she made this sign and sent it to me. Too funny!

Just finished this freebie from primitivebettys blog. Love it! But I made so many booboos. :-p

Working on a patriotic small from Lizzie*Kate now. Finished half of it last night! I love smalls. ;-)

Monday, April 16, 2018

Homestead Update 2

Sidekick finally got her new bike. She grew out of her last one while we were in California. We don't have any hard road here, but this one does great on the dirt, rocks, and grass.

Hubby throwing the ball for his dog Zorg.

Sadie Mae is a snuggly dog and even hugs us. However, we do curb her random jumping and trying to teach her to only jump up when we ask.

This one's funny because it looks like Sadie Mae is choking her! She's not.

This was the day after Grapes died. We took the kids out shopping at Goodwill, then ate lunch at a restaurant, got the new bike, and then got iced coffees and smoothies at a nearby *new* coffee shop. Sidekick was sick the day before and I just wanted to give the kids a good day away from home to get their minds off Grapes.

We had two days of HOT summer weather! Winter to Summer = not cool Mother Nature!

The bunnies stayed in their hutch, it was too hot to go out to the grass.

We gave the duck girls a fresh pool of cool water which they quickly dirtied up. No surprise there!

The forsythia are blooming, but not a vibrant yellow just yet.

I moved the chicken fence to a grassy area covered in leaves. When it was time to return the Henny Pennies to their run, they'd mulched every single leaf! Thanks girls! :) Just what I hoped they'd do!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Homestead Update 1

I'm excited that we got a Premier1 electric fence for the chickens! I've been wanting one since we got the chickens, for many reasons...

When they free range they don't really stay together and they wander all over the property.

One day we had to go on a hunt for a lone chicken that wandered WAY FAR from the rest. Scared us that something had grabbed her and taken off, but thankfully our daughter found her in the woods.

We rent cabins out to people and we don't want the chickens around the cabins.

I need the chickens to work for us. They are excellent mulchers, can clear grassy areas for us, and can even spread compost and wood chips.

The fence is powered by solar. It will help keep wandering dogs and other critters from hurting the chickens.

We've lived here a year and a half and have already had FIVE lost dogs here! Three of those we took to the shelter. One keeps coming around at odd times and won't let us catch it. And the last one, the person responsible lives across the street and was out looking for their dog and saw that we had her, she's come over twice.

We tried it out for a couple of days by Cabin 2 where the grass was needing a mowing anyway.

Only one chicken managed to get out and her wings are clipped now so hopefully she won't be able to do that again. The chickens aren't use to being out in the grass and having to stay in one area, they weren't happy with this fact those first two days.

The ducks seem to like hanging out by the chickens even though our white duck named Grapes would bully the hens. Unfortunately the next day Grapes was run over and killed by a cabin renter. They didn't see her or know that they ran her over. The kids and I were totally devastated for a couple of days. She was more like a dog than a duck! So now the ducks don't get to roam anymore. We allowed it because they stayed together and they stayed close to their run. So no more running loose for the remaining three ducks without supervision.

We took the fencing box and another large box and created a playpen for the bunnies. Totally supervised because there's nothing to protect them from predators in this pen.

The bunnies enjoy looking around, chewing the grass, and running and kicking up their heels. They are so cute!

They love the boxes, which makes them even cuter. LOL

I caught the ducks walking by in a row! And this is my last photo of Grapes. We miss her. :(

We had a couple days of spring like weather. Then it got cold again. Then it turned to summer weather. And now today it's raining and snowing again. *sigh* I hope spring comes back!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Cat Tree Fun

Navarre sleeping upside down with his back paws in Little Star's face.

I love this one, he looks like he's giggling about something.

Little Star left so Navarre stretched out more. I love that he has his pinky toe sticking out. ;-D The blanket he is on is my Snoopy lap blanket. He LOVES it and has officially stolen it from me. lol. He loves to sleep on it and seeks it out to make biscuits on it. He's so cute!

We got the boys the biggest cat tree on Chewy.com. They love it! And that makes me super happy. And I hope it helps to keep them off my chairs! So far Navarre is still clawing my chair and sleeping on it. So I moved my snoopy blanket into the lower cubby on the cat tree so hopefully he will choose to sleep there.

Had to use the flash to get a halfway decent pic of the boys crammed into the upper cubby together. lol.

Little Star figured out on day 2 of cat tree bliss that he can get up into the loft. For now the loft is just junk storage. We will be cleaning it out and getting rid of the previous owner's junk up there. It's only accessible by ladder, someday we hope to put in stairs to get up there.

Little Star taking a siesta. They both love the dangly mice toys. There's 4 dangly toys, but so far they just like the mice.

Navarre looked like he was going to go up into the loft too, but all he did was peek up there. He's a bit heavier than his brother and not as agile or adventurous.

Anabelle decided the big box the tree came in would be fun to play in! She's small for a 13 year old and fit well. lol. First she hid in the box and called for the dogs, who went crazy trying to find her and trying to figure out how to get her out of the box! It was hilarious. Then later she got Sadie Mae to get in the box with her, by force, mind you, Sadie Mae is scared of just about everything, including boxes!

Pay no mind to the mess around her. We're getting ready to redo this house! I'm very excited!

The bunnies also got some goodies from Chewy.com. Some new toys to chew on and new water bottles. They've never been able to drink out of the one we got them from TSC. It just won't drip the water out for some reason. It's too hard (literally the bottle is unsqueezable) to squeeze a little water out to get the seal just right. These new Lixit bottles work fabulously and they started using them right away. So no more bowls of water for them to get all gunky. :-D

We've been waiting for spring to sprung, so tired of the cold and snow! We're busy discussing house plans. Hubby has been cleaning cabins for our next renters. Homeschool is always on the plate as well. Anabelle is going to be a vet someday!


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Thursday, March 22, 2018

I Won Seeds!

As a homesteader, I follow homestead (and related) blogs to learn as much as I can from like minded people.

One of those blogs is The Thrifty Homesteader, who just hosted a seed giveaway that I won!

The seeds came from Clear Creek Seeds, they sent me 20 different packets!

Spaghetti Squash
Serrano Pepper
Sweet Basil
Bunching Onions
Garlic Chives

Carrots ~ Tendersweet
Beans ~ Kentucky Wonder
Cabbage ~ Golden Acre
Cucumber ~ Boston Pickling
Melon ~ Honey Rock
Beets ~ Detroit Dark Red
Tomato ~ Marglobe
Tomato ~ Beefsteak
Watermelon ~ Sugar Baby
Corn ~ Golden Bantam
Lettuce ~ Butterhead Buttercrunch

Zinnia ~ Scarlet Flame
Sunflower ~ Sungold
Marigold ~ Tiger Eyes

I love the reusable packets they come in.

I'm so excited to plant some of these. I don't think I have room this year to plant them all, but that just gives me goals to expand for next year! I can also share my seeds.

If you needs seeds, check out Clear Creek Seeds website, they have a lot to choose from and offer heirloom, non GMO seeds!

Also check out The Thrifty Homesteader and follow her blog!