Monday, December 18, 2017

More Snow & More Randomness

We got some more snow! It's been bitterly cold lately, but it looks to be warming up slightly. Glad for that.

We took our ducks to the Big Puddle. It was quite the adventure getting them down there! Grapes (white) has been there before many times, but the ducklings had not. We tried herding them down, it was very comical, but we made it. I ended up carrying the black one most of the way, she was the only one of the ducklings we could catch.

Once down there, we tossed them in the water and they LOVED it. They had a grand time and we stayed down and watched them.

The sun even poked out a couple of times. After a long while, we headed back up, leaving the ducks in the water. But that didn't last long. Once we were out of Grapes' sight she started quacking and got out and followed us. The ducklings not far behind her.

Anabelle throwing snowballs to Zorg. He loves anything he can catch or fetch.

During grammar Navarre decided he wanted to snuggle with his Auntie Anabelle.

And of course we had to take pictures of his sweetness. :)

My sweet Sadie Mae, faithfully sleeps next to our bed. She is a very loving dog.

We call these two "the brothers with other mothers... and fathers". They sleep together in cute positions every day. We've never had cats that were so bonded before! They came from two different shelters, Navarre is a little bit older, but not by much.

Little Star helping his mommy wrap a present. He's so cute.

She was wrapping a gift for her brother. She wrapped it, put in a box, wrapped the box, put it in another box, wrapped it too, and so on. LOL.

Well, it's Monday again. I hope you have a great week! Christmas is next Monday, hard to believe the year is nearly over. I'm hoping next year will be loads better and we can start fixing up this house. More on that later. I don't think I've told the story of this place we bought yet.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Giveaway Win from Homespun Hannah

I won Danice's Homespun Holidays Giveaway 2017!

Visit her blog Homespun Hannah.

The goodies arrived by mail yesterday. Each item wrapped carefully in the box. It was so much fun opening everything, like Christmas. :)

The penguin she made is just too cute. I love his green satchel. The luminary is a punched tin. I hope you can see the tree shape, I tried to get it in the photo.

She made this pretty quilted table topper. She also sent a lovely Christmas card along with some potpourri.

The winter ornament is up on my bedroom tree.

One more picture of the penguin and tin. :)

Thank you Danice for this awesome giveaway, I was very excited to win and have some things you've made!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Got Some Snow

Not our first snow of the season, but it's the most we've gotten so far.

Hubby took these for me while I sat inside and ate my breakfast and sipped coffee.

Snow chickens.

Snow ducks.

Our 13 year old daughter took these on her phone and sent them to me.

Cabins in the snow.

Thin ice on the big puddle/pond.

The dogs are loving the snow. Sadie Mae (yellow) was rubbing her face in it, typical Great Pyrenees reaction to snow. ;)

Zorg is a Labrador/Rottweiler mix. Sadie Mae is Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepard/Saint Bernard mix.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


The end of November and now into December has been a roller coaster around here.

As you know, we got our tree right after Thanksgiving. We got it up and in the living room right away. It took a while to get the lights on because one of the strands we bought last year was missing bulbs and some of the line didn't even work. We don't seem to have enough ornaments for the tree this year, but hopefully next year we'll have our stuff from Colorado out here. I do miss our Christmas ornaments and decorations!

Our daughter likes to bring in chickens to visit us inside. This is Rose. She is a white leghorn and lays big white eggs. She seems to be the most friendly of the flock.

We let the ducks wander around the property. They always stay together, unlike the chickens! They were drinking from this pool behind the house until Zorg came along to get a drink too. Navarre the cat is up in the window spying on all of us.

Sadie Mae likes jumping on and laying on the picnic tables. The power was out and we were all hanging out down at the fire pit with a fire to keep warm. It was warmer outside than inside. We couldn't get our propane fireplace to work, nor the generator! Thankfully the power was restored before nightfall.

We had some pre-cooked hot dogs in the freezer that we brought out to "cook" over the fire. I think hot dogs are gross, but I was hungry and we couldn't afford to drive into the city to eat at a restaurant at the time.

Navarre fell asleep sitting next to me while he was waiting for my breakfast to be done. His nose is pressed against my arm! He loves to get bites of meat or lick the runny yolk from my plate.

The power went out yet again (third time this season and we haven't even gotten into winter yet!) Our daughter had a strand of battery powered lights we used to play a game in the dark. Then we all went to bed. The power came back on at about 3:00 a.m., but it was not a freezing cold day so it wasn't too bad. At least it was during a time when we'd be mostly sleeping.

I was looking all over for Navarre, he LOVES to sleep. He sleeps more than any cat we've ever had and he sleeps like a log. Found him sleeping in my little wagon and of course we all thought how cute that was.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Tree Farm Visit

I've always wished we could get our Christmas tree from a tree farm instead of a Big Box store.

Shortly after we moved to West Virginia, I looked up tree farms in our area and found a couple.

The closest one (about a 40 min drive) is Yagel Poor Farm. It is really tucked back into the hills in a beautiful area.

There are 4 lots of trees and I wasn't sure how we'd ever choose just one!

There are many types of trees growing and I decided we should pick something totally different from our usual Noble Fir choice.

The kids loved wandering through the trees looking and touching the needles. Most of the trees are so soft.

Justin liked this shorter round tree.

We wandered through lot #3 until we found our tree.

We picked out this beauty! It is very soft and just the size we were looking for. It is an Eastern White Pine.

The kids posed with our tree before cutting it down.

Daddy sawed and the kids helped hold it. The farm lent us a hand saw. Next year we will for sure bring our own electric saw!! It was a challenge hand cutting so close to the ground, which is what the farm asks you to do. The trees grow on hillsides and he was trying to saw upwards. I stood behind him so he could use my foot for leverage. The ground is soft and his feet would just slide through the dirt as he tried to push up to saw. We will certainly be better prepared next year!

Daddy and Justin carried it back to our car.

This is one of the other lots we didn't look through. But I loved this view! I have this picture as my wallpaper now. :)

This is a really nice tree farm, we loved coming out! We were each given candy canes and chatted with the owners, who are very nice!

The kids posed by this pretty decorated tree by the check out stand.

This lot is near the entrance. I loved the one decorated tree. :D

It was a fun experience!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Autumn stitching

Finished a couple more patterns for autumn stitching.

This one is from Country Rustic Primitives.

And this one is from Primitive Stitchin.

Fabric is from Kaniki's.

I still have other autumn patterns to do, we'll see if I have time to stitch any more of them. I need extra hours just for stitching. LOL

Friday, October 20, 2017


The bunnies names are Panne (brown) and Julia. The kids named them after game characters I think, but I don't remember which game. The buns are sweet and I do hope they stay that way! For now they seem to be doing well and are bonded.

They've been living inside the house while we waited for them to get bigger. They spent their very first night outside last night. This morning they were chipper and happy so I'm glad they like their homemade hutch!

Did you know rabbit waste can go right in the garden without hurting the plants? This is why I want rabbits. Plus they are super cute.
I raised rabbits for show in 4-H so they will always be pets, not food for us.

We bought this old ladder for our daughter's loft, but it doesn't fit. :( We will have to do some rearranging and try again. The ceiling is slanted so that doesn't help either. The cats like sleeping on it in the entryway though.

Little Star (black) and Navarre are BFFs. I love having cats that are bonded. They sleep together, clean each other, and play together.

Navarre is a HUGE couch potato though! He sleeps anywhere and on anything. I posted several photos of him on instagram sleeping in front of the pellet stove. He's pretty funny.

Our sweet Sadie Mae is almost a year old now. She really is a sweetie, but also gets into a lot of trouble. Hopefully after year 2 she will start maturing. She's also very easily spooked. I have wondered if she was abused some as a puppy. I've never seen a dog afraid of so much. We got her as an older puppy.
(Her mom is Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shephard. Her dad is Great Pyrenees and Saint Bernard.)
She's trying to get a ball from under my shoe here.

Zorg is forever with a stick or ball or other treasure in his mouth. He is OCD about it. My son and I were going into our cabins collecting laundry and he followed us to each one trying to get us to throw his big stick. LOL.

Fall has been here, it's so lovely! This picture is between two of the cabins.