Friday, February 3, 2017

Of streams and ponds

Heading down to the pond, we go through the field and past the cabins.

There are springs, streams, and a small pond on our property.
We like taking Zorg here to get out some of his energy.
There's a stick in the water he tries so hard to pull out, but never manages to.
He likes sticks of ALL sizes and there are plenty here for him to find.
Behind Anabelle is a stream that flows into the pond.

I love water. I love watching it flow, or fall, or sit there. It fascinates me that water comes up out of the ground enough to make a stream that fills the pond.

Just above Zorg is a soft silty section with a neat pattern in it.

Little gradual "steps" of fine sand, created by the water.

This is as far up as I went, but Anabelle and the pup went further on up.

The ground is very soggy here and there are also lots of what I like to call "damn grabby things" that I don't like walking through. I am unsure of what they are yet, but they have thorns like rose bushes. I hate them! We are planning to get rid of the ones in areas we'd like to start using. Most are a single shoot. Some are insanely long and hang over into paths. The shorter ones blend in with the dead leaves on the ground and they will stab you even through your jeans.

Below the pond, the stream continues. There's a hard to see path on the other side of the stream that Anabelle noticed and had to go investigate. I love what a little explorer she is. Just like I was when I was her age! That fallen tree goes over the stream. There's an established path where I am standing. It used to be an old logging road. It curves around to Indian Rock and beyond. Which I will share about later!

This is how we get Zorg to come with us back up to the house. Any size stick will do!

There is currently only one pond, but Anabelle is certain we should create another one. We'll see. ;)

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Getting started with a new blog!

January came and went. We had some snow, but not a lot. Anabelle was able to get in some sledding and snow play, but she sure wishes there was more snow!

We've been slowly working on:
- Getting the kids moved into their bedrooms.
- Getting the rental cabins cleaned out and taking inventory.
- Making a website for the cabin business.
- Figuring out the best way to heat the house.
- Fixing all the stuff that goes wrong, which is quite often! (which always delays other things we'd rather be doing!)
- Planning for chickens and a garden.

Pumpkin the stray cat went to the vet to get checked out. She was spayed and got her rabies. The vet thinks she's around 2 years old by looking at her teeth. Nothing seems to be wrong with her, praise the Lord for that! She will not use a litter box, so she can't be an indoor only kitty. For her post-surgery recuperation, we put her in our puppy's kennel. She didn't mind being in the cage and didn't do her business in there. Good kitty! She's very aloof and just wants to be petted! Anabelle adores her and takes awesome care of her. Pumpkin follows her around the yard (even in snow!) like a puppy dog. She does come inside, but goes out periodically and overnight. She helps keep the mice population down. She was here on the property before we moved in. We aren't sure why she was here. She was not left behind by the sellers. I think she's purrrfectly happy with us adopting her. ;)

Justin's cat LadyMoon has adjusted well to our new house. Except she hates the puppy and Pumpkin. But she's never been friendly to other animals. She spends her days and nights napping on beds or on the floor in front of a heat source. Occasionally she runs around the house like a psychotic rocket, at least she's getting some exercise!

Zorg is our puppy. Gary picked him out of a box full of free puppies at Walmart. Unfortunately he came with parvo and had to go stay with the vet for 4 days until he was well enough to come home for Christmas. Praise the Lord he got well from that, not all puppies survive that virus.

Zorg has way too much energy! We can't wait for the puppy stage to end, because... teeth. He chews on everything, including us. He has plenty of toys and goes outside for stimulation many times a day, but it's never enough. So far he has learned to "sit" and "shake" and he does not beg at the dinner table. The kids love him, except for when he's being a tiny T-rex. Then he goes in his indoor pen/kennel because we just need a break sometimes.

Zorg is also goofy and clumsy. He makes us laugh or say, "Awwwwwww come look at the puppy!" He loves to sleep in odd positions, it's cute.

He loves taking naps in this brown chair.

Yes, really. He napped like this!

Anabelle made him a bed with her blankets and coats in a box. He loved it. But I had to put a stop to that one.

We bought him a dog bed, but all he did was chew it and try to dig in it. So we covered it in one of his green blankets. That didn't work. Anabelle decided to go in his kennel with him, and that seemed to work! He loves his bed now, though it's not always covered up with a blanket anymore, and no Anabelle does not sleep in there with him.