Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ducklings Grew Up

The ducklings did not like the pool much when they were small.

In these older photos Grapes was still getting to know them. She picked on them a tiny bit, but once they started feathering out and swimming she accepted them. So much easier introducing new ducks to established ducks. I wish it were that way with chickens!!

They only spent a few minutes a day in the pool until they were old enough to move outside and out of their brooder.

Here they are a little bigger, but still not feathered.

They would spend the day outside in the pen and then we'd bring them back inside in the evening. I wasn't ready for them to sleep with Grapes in the duck hut until they were feathered.

These two have become BFFs!

It looks like they are having a meeting while the pool fills up. LOL.

After the logging, we found this little dug out puddle. (Anabelle calls it a pond, and she's working on turning it into one.) Anabelle and Grapes go down here to swim and do zoomies, but we haven't taken the ducklings there yet.

Now the trio has feathers and live outside with Grapes. They all sleep in the duck hut together.

They follow her around like she's their mama, it's so cute.

In the morning she likes to come out and eat some grass and dandelions for a bit and the trio follows in her footsteps, never straying far. Wherever she goes, they go. Maybe we should call them her entourage. LOL

And guess what? She is content again and has stopped the constant quacking. I am so happy that she is happy again!

All the ducks are females, no drakes. Only Grapes is laying. We are getting used to eating her eggs, but we often feed them to the dogs. I plan to use the eggs for baking.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

LHN Little Sheep Virtues

I completed two of the Little House Needleworks "Little Sheep Virtues".

I just have these two for autumn, but I want to get the other 10 patterns. I love them and they are cute!

I haven't "finished" them yet. But I do plan to display them similar to the way Priscilla finishes some of her smalls that she changes out for seasons and holidays. But I don't have any craft supplies for that yet.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


I think summer has finally kissed us goodbye. I hope so anyway. I'm ready for cool weather! Summer was hot and very humid.

Frost this morning, it's so pretty!

I took some close ups of the pretty leaves.

The first thing Zorg and Sadie Mae did this morning was taste the frosty grass.

It almost looks like a dusting of snow.

I love frosty leaves.

Our trees are looking so bare now. We're losing our "privacy fence" of trees blocking the view from the road.

Happy Fall! It's really here!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Fall Swap 2017

I was partnered with Amy for this year's fall swap hosted by Wendy!

She sent me a scarecrow and his pumpkin has a rusty nail for a stem. They found a home on my itty bitty straw bales.

I put the other pumpkin up by my pumpkin sign.

The crow pic and ditty bag are hanging on our TV armoire.

The candle and ring are waiting patiently to be used. My daughter and I shared the tea (it was yummy!) while we watched a Netflix movie last night. And the PB cups were shared with kids and hubby!

Thank you Amy for everything!

You can visit her blog to see what I sent her.

Friday, September 1, 2017


It is raining this morning! It's also been a bit chilly here and there. Summer doesn't feel over yet, but autumn feels like it's on its way. I can't wait!

We have three new ducklings. All hopefully females because that is what I ordered. ;)

We had a sad day awhile back when one of our Pekin ducks (Lemonade) passed away. The remaining duck (Grapes) has been very lonely since then and won't stop quacking. Which is not a good thing since we have a home business. Thankfully nobody has complained yet, but some days it does get to me. She's pretty nonstop and very loud. :( She has bonded with our daughter, follows her around and "talks" to her, but when she's not around, Grapes gets her quack on and doesn't stop until someone comes out. We bought her a duck diaper (yes really LOL) so we can bring her inside at times. She doesn't really like it and tries to take it off, but at least it keeps her occupied. ;)

We tried finding her a duck friend locally with no luck. I finally ordered ducklings from the hatchery we got our last chickens from. They are totally adorable! I can't wait for them to get big enough to go outside and make friends with Grapes. I've read that ducks take to new ducks fairly easily compared to chickens. So hopefully she will accept these new girls when they look and sound more like ducks.

The littles are still peeping like chicks and have no feathers yet.

Grapes has been introduced to the littles a couple of times now. She's not sure what to think yet. She bites at them, but not too aggressively. She definitely doesn't think of them like her babies.

Yesterday we took the ducklings out to the duck pen for a little swim time! They didn't seem thrilled, and they just have down, so they didn't swim for long.

We brought them back in to their brooder and toweled them off. They were very soaked! I'm hoping for another sunny, warm day soon so we can take them out again. I also can't wait for them to be big enough that they can start hanging out in the duck pen. They are still small enough they can fit through the fence wire.


Praying for Texas and Montana. (I wish there was a way to get all the flood water up to Montana.)

Monday, August 7, 2017

Catch Up 1

We had some logging done.

Our plans are to build a stable down there.

They make it look so easy, like Pick Up Stix.

Zorg is completely ball OBSESSED.

Our chicks are growing! They've been in the run with the big girls, but separated. The big girls want to peck them to death.

Navarre is like a ragdoll cat. He is always in interesting sleeping positions.

A girl and her duck.

A little Independence Day fun.

They look like they are having a deep conversation.

Two of my favorite girls.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Excited to get this in the mail! Autumn is my favorite season, just wish I had time to stitch all the autumn patterns I love. {Notforgotten Farm}

Summer has just started, but here I am longing for fall already...

Forgot I had this one in my stash. I just love it! {primitivebettys}

Currently working on this one from Little House Needleworks, just have the border to finish. It's not really prim, but I'm a sucker for sheep and I love LHN patterns.

What are you stitching?